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DSWCI Special Articles - DX Conferences

EDXC Conference 2015 in St. Petersburg
by Alexander Beryozkin
EDXC Conference 2014 in France
by Anker Petersen
EDXC Conference in Germany, 30. May – 04. June 2012
by Anker Petersen
EDXC Conference 2011 in Bulgaria

EDXC Conference 2010 in Ankara

EDXC Conference 2007 in Lugano

Speech by Chiu Bihui at the EDXC Conference 2005 in Prague

by Anker Petersen

Forum of Multilingualism and International Radio
24th - 25th October 2003, Malta
EDXC Conference 2003 in Königstein
by Anker Petersen
Photos of the EDXC conference in Königstein taken by Toshi Ohtake and Anker Petersen

Lecture by Anker Petersen  held on the 16th of August 2003 at the EDXC Conference in Königstein, Germany.