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DSWCI Member of Honour:  Finn Krone

Born 4th September 1945

Edited and photo collected by Anker Petersen, Chairman of DSWCI

Finn Krone has been an active DX-er since 1959 when he still was a schoolboy in Ans By in Central Jutland. Later on he became a bank employee in Copenhagen. During all these years he always was a very active shortwave DX-er who preferred domestic stations, especially Latin Americans, and Clandestines. One year he even became no. one in the NORDX Contest.

Finn Krone
At a local meeting, Finn (left) is studying DX-bulletins together with Bent Nielsen and Hans Erik Malmstrøm.

He joined the DSWCI in June 1959 as member no. 0143 and he began as tips editor (SW, MW and Utility) for Short Wave News in 1965.

He was QSL-Editor in 1968-76 and again in 1979-84 and editor of World News during the three years in between. During 1984-92 Finn was Latin America Editor. At the same time he produced each Sunday for 17 years our DX-programme over Adventist World Radio.

Finn also published through the DSWCI its “Clandestine Stations List” and “Home Service stations outside the Tropical Bands”.

He has been a member of the DSWCI Board. Finn became Member of Honour at the DSWCI 50 years Jubilee in 2006 for more than 40 years of hard work for the Club.

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