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DSWCI Special Articles - DXpeditions

by Jawahar Almeida
Radio "Holidays" in Cornwall
by Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France
A visit to Vatican Radio
by Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France
MW and FM loggings during my Caribbean Cruise
by Anker Petersen
DX-ing in Malaysia and on Sumatra
by Anker Petersen
DX-ing through Central AmericaDX-ing through Central AmericaDX-ing through Central AmericaDX-ing through Central America
by Anker Petersen
DX News from Kamchatka
by Maarten van Delft, the Netherlands
DXpedition to The Gambia and Senegal
by Anker Petersen

Visit to Moldova
by Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France
Radio Landscape and DX-ing in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
by Anker Petersen

DXing on Jamaica
by Jaroslav Bohac

Dx-ing in the middle of anywhere
by Anker Petersen

Dxpedition to the Comores
by Maarten van Delft, The Netherlands

A (radio) journey from New York to Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts
by Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands

February 5-12, 2005
by Cornel van Ravenswaaij, Guido Schotmans and Max van Arnhem

by Jaroslav Bohac

by Kris W. Field

DXpedition to Mongolia
by Maarten van Delft

Visit to Radio Vanuatu
by George Brown, Scotland

No Dxpedition to Cuba!
by Jaroslav Bohac

Dxpedition to Mpumalanga and Umbuso we Swatini
by Anker Petersen

DXing in Gambia
by Jaroslav Bohac

DX-ing in Southern Sinai
by Jaroslav Bohac

By Bob Padula, Melbourne, Australia (Copyright)
(Published by DSWCI with special permission)
The station closed down shortly after the visit.

News from the Far East made from a journey by Maarten van Delft
6 additional colour photos.
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Copyright article. Reproduction is only allowed after obtaining the permission of the author.

Visit to the Voice of America in São Tomé
Read here the first of 3 planned articles by DSWCI chairman Anker Petersen about his DXpedition to São Tomé.

by Anker Petersen